Right after their conversation ended, the bell rang for second period, and the ringmaster followed some kids to psychology class. While the teacher was a bit spooked by this strange creature, he had heard about them by now, so he paid it no mind. Instead, as he started to talk about “dealing with alien minds”, the ringmaster eagerly listened, not realizing he himself was one of those alien minds. Meanwhile, the masked creature realized the children were done playing, so thry stepped into the kindergarten, sat down, and learned with them, as the teachers tried their hardest to not panic. Meanwhile, the librarian and the wizardly creature had a conversation that went something like this: 

Librarian: so, what do you think of graphic novels? 

Wizard: jraphic novels? 

Librarian: yes, they’re like books, but all pictures. Well, not all pictures, but… look, just come with me. 

Wizard: jraphic? 

(the librarian shows them the graphic novel section) see? Tell me what you think, ok? wizard:…graphic.

By Nolan Dickman

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