Right as the archivist started to read a graphic novel version of dune, the bell rang out for first lunch. The ringmaster followed the students to the cafeteria, and saw that they had two kinds of lunches: normal chicken burgers and the special of the day, which happened to be orange chicken. As the ringmaster got a heaping bowl of orange chicken, he eavesdropped on some students searching for an object known as “the rock rock”. This intrigued the ringmaster, as this could possibly be a way to go home. So, to tell the others, he initiated a telepathic conversation: 

Mask: what is it, puppeteer? I’m currently with the little ones. 

Puppeteer: i think we found a way to go home, you two. 

Mask: …go on? 

(they hear light mumbling from the wizard) 

Puppeteer: … well, there’s this here object, and i think that little humdinger will allow us to go home. 

Mask: and that is? 

Wizard, distantly: yea, what is it? 

Puppeteer: now, now, everyone calm your bosoms. It’s an object known as the rock rock. Mask: … i’m sorry, WHAT?! 

Wizard, distantly once again: i’m confusion. 

Puppeteer: supoosedly, it’s a rock that has the face of this celebrity known as the rock. We need to find it, and maybe we can get home! 

Mask: alright then. (quietly) this is the weirdest thing i’ve ever done. 

Wizard (to a tune of your choosing): rock, rock, put it in a sock. Time to find the rock rock! Puppeteer: so it’s settled then! Time to go? 

Mask: let’s get this over with. 

Wizard, quite loudly: ROCK!

By Nolan Dickman

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