Oregon is generally pretty unremarkable but recently I have wondered about the state of its
education and whether its above or below average.

A friend of mine who had moved to another
state had talked about how the classes over there are much harder and he wasn’t as advanced
as he was in oregon. In this paper I will look at 2 reasons why Oregon might be lacking behind
other states and the world as a whole when it comes to education.

The first reason might just come down to individual schools. It’s hard to generalize when
each school/ district runs things differently, areas with more financially stable people who have
more time and access to work on academics will probably have better overall scores than
people who live in poor areas which might bring the average score down for the entirety of
oregon. Areas like Portland which is known to have many living in poverty or being homeless
might not have the same opportunities as people from financially stable families.

The second reason may simply be a choice. Oregon might just have more people who
don’t want to pursue or take education as seriously as others. Some might want to get into the
military or just get a job straight out of graduation, others might be preoccupied with a already
existing job or have to take care of their families.

By Benjamin Stone

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