Every day, millions of people aren’t meeting their needs whether it would be money-wise
or basic needs such as food, shelter, and water. And those numbers aren’t going to get lower if
we don’t do anything about it. Here at Century High School, every year we do a Coin Food
Drive that helps people in need. I interviewed Mr. Thomas, the one who thought of this idea,
and I also interviewed the one and only Mr. Bohm, who not only won the Coin food drive once
but 9 times in a row!

Mr. Thomas’s Interview

What is the coin food drive for?
“Coin food drive supports the Elk drive in Hillsboro. The elk’s drive helps hundreds of families in
Do we do the coin drive every year?
“Yes, we do this every year. It used to be a can drive but now it is a coin drive. We do this drive
every year because Century wants to be in service for those students and families that are in
How do we participate in this coin food drive?
“By making it class participation and other things such as raffle tickets, door decorating, etc.”
Are there any rewards for the people who won this drive?
“For the classes that win, there are food rewards such as Pizza, Doughnuts, and Churros.”
Is there a certain amount that the school wants to make/raise?
“We want to raise $15,000 but the school got a little shy when we raised $13,000 in 3 weeks.
Which is still fantastic.”
How many families or people have this school helped?
“The Elk drive helped 620 families and may have some students in those families that come to
Century high school. But Elk drive certainly helps families in Hillsboro.”

As you heard from Mr. Thomas, the Coin Food Drive that we do every year helps lots of families
in Hillsboro. Even if you donated a dollar or two, it will still help those families. Now let’s see
what Mr. Bohm has to say about always winning the Coin Food Drive.

Mr. Bohm’s interview:

How do you feel about always winning the Coin food drive every year without fail?
“I feel being known for always winning the coin food drive is not important but getting people’s
help for these drives is more important than winning.”
What are some tips on winning the drive?
“Hard Work, volunteering your time, giving, sacrificing, and being positive.”
How do you always win?
“Motivate my students and make them fully understand how important it is to help people with
their struggle with food and security.”

As we’ve heard from Mr. Bohm, winning is not as important as helping those families in need.

In conclusion, in this article, millions of people need help with money or basic needs and
without doing anything about it, the number of people that need help will only rise. But here at
Century, we do something. Next time this Drive comes, maybe you will win. But as Mr. Bohm
said, you have to put in your time and effort into this.

And maybe,

just maybe,

will you win this drive.

By Anaiah Francisco

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