On January 9th, I interviewed JJ Oldroyd on their experience with girls wrestling and a
little bit about what’s been going on so far this season.
Me: So, any upcoming meets?
JJ: We have our senior night tomorrow (jan 10th) and it’s a duel with liberty.
Me: What’s the wrestling environment like? Are the people on the team welcoming, supportive,
or are they the opposite?
JJ: Its kinda competitive but really fun and great for learning new skills and getting a good
Me: Is it easy to make friends?
JJ: it’s easy to make friends with some people but others are sometimes rude and not friendly
because they care a lot about winning in my opinion.

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport and it’s crazy how it’s evolved over the years.
Wrestling is a very competitive sport and has many benefits. It gives people confidence,
resilience, mental toughness, self esteem, and discipline. It can take a toll on your physical
health but the skills you can gain from wrestling can be very useful in life, Especially if you need
to fend for yourself.
Thank you to JJ Oldroyd for answering some of the common questions people have
about girls wrestling here at century!

By Shelby Knudsen

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