Playing music in a school band is a lot of work, but it pays off big time. Grades, college, and pretty much life in general can all be influenced by being in a band. But maybe you want to do something else, you could be in a little 3 person garage band at home. Maybe you’ll be the next Green Day or Beastie Boys, who knows. 

The first thing I want to talk about are the benefits of being in a school band. Colleges love it. For example, a student who graduated in 2022 asked the college he wanted to go to if they would prefer if he did another year of band or an extra AP class. They said band. Jazz band also teaches time management and, in my opinion, is the best kind of music to play in a band and I would pursue a career in this over any other kind of music. Colleges love extracurriculars, like marching band, and it gives you a big advantage on your application. 

Another advantage of playing music, any music, is its impact on mental health and your brain. If you overwhelm yourself and are working on ten or more things, obviously the effects won’t be very satisfactory, but according to, if you use it as a way to relax and cool down, it can be a distraction and lower stress. Music also seems to increase intelligence and focus according to

Music, assuming you make your own, can be a massive creative outlet. You can write lyrics, figure out chord progressions, and all sorts of other things that will not only help express yourself in a creative way, but also make you smarter.

Next, I want to talk about my experience with music. Though it might not be interesting to you, the reader, I find it important because, in my life, music has played a massive part. I have been playing music since I was 9 years old when my dad bought me my first guitar for Christmas. Then, the year after, I joined the band and began playing trumpet. I have played both of these instruments for 6 years and they are both extremely special. Even though I can use it for selfish gain, by which I mean playing in a band for college recognition, it is a massive accomplishment when I complete a difficult piece or make a big improvement on my playing. I didn’t start using a pick on my guitar until last year! But that is enough about me.

Lastly, I want to summarize what I’ve talked about and how music can benefit you, the reader. Assuming you aren’t already playing and instrument, and to be blunt, you should get on that. Start with something simple like piano or guitar, they start simple but can get very difficult if you invest time in them. Then, unless you are out of time to do this, join a band. Marching, jazz, concert, or make one at home and potentially acquire some gigs at a couple venues and get your name out there. Music is, in my opinion, the best stress reliever, creative outlet, and always will be an incredible way to benefit yourself going forward in life with college, increasing your attention span and intelligence, and finding lots of new friends. That is the most important part of it. If music never gets you the benefits you want in life, just know that the one thing you definitely won’t miss out on, unless you hate people and hide, are some really great friends. Music is one of the most important things in our lives. Whether you play it or not.

By Aidan Healy

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