As many people now know, the American School System is not perfect, however now more than ever, it’s becoming more and more of a problem as troubled youth don’t feel they are getting a proper education or being prepared for their future in schools. To find out why, we need to dive to the root of the problem.

One of the most common issues in the American school system is educational unfairness. Lack of funding among schools in different districts result in a lack of resources and opportunities for students. Schools in poorer areas often lack the resources and funding necessary to provide high quality education, which in return causes unhappiness in the students.

One of the most hated things in school, and another major problem, is standardized testing. The reliance by schools on standardized testing as the main way to show student and school performance has been a subject of many controversies. Many argue that these tests may not accurately measure a student’s abilities, creativity, or critical thinking skills. On top of this, the emphasis on test scores can lead to a focus on teaching to the test, limiting the amount of education students get.

Another problem is that the American school system often has problems with teacher shortages, particularly in subjects like science and mathematics. On top of this, finding qualified and experienced educators is a large challenge. The combination of these things can impact the overall quality of education.

Last but not least, the intense academic pressure put on students, along with the emphasis on standardized testing, can cause high levels of stress and mental health issues. The expectation to excel academically, coupled with social pressures, can lead to tiredness, and negatively affect overall well being.

In conclusion, there are many problems with the American school system and not many solutions. Here’s to hoping that our schools will get more funding so there will be a bright future for generations to come.

By Dash Schmunis

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