Some months celebrate lots of awareness such as Breast Cancer awareness month in
October, National Disability Awareness Month in March, American Heart Month in
February, etc, to bring an understanding of these illnesses and diseases that affect
children and even adults. At Century High School, some people such as Mr. Billington
and Mr. Burnett are doing Novembeard. I interviewed Mr. Billington to have an
understanding of what Novembeard is about.

The Interview with Mr.Billington:
What is Novembeard about?
“It is about prostate cancer awareness month and it demonstrates testosterone
and prostate levels because they are important to each other. Not only would men not
shave but Women can do it as well. November is also combined with Breast Cancer
Awareness month.”

How long have you been doing Novembeard?
“I’ve been doing Novembeard since I was twenty. My parents told me to shave it
off but I refused until it was December. I guess you can say it is a tradition for me.”

As you have read, any type of Awareness should be celebrated for everybody to
understand the importance of each disease and illness that people have and embrace
it. No matter what disease or illness you have, with these awareness months, we will
have a better understanding of them. And even if it is just little deeds such as not
shaving for November just like what Mr. Billington and Mr. Burnett are doing, it can help
with illnesses and disease awareness support. Next time, when November rolls by
again, you can participate to support awareness month. That is, if you want to.

author: Anaiah Francisco

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