Some of my favorite teachers are Mr.Wright and Mrs.Land, and I look forward to having Baca as my teacher
or getting to know him more.

When I found out they were the advisors of the Black Student Union I got excited to be able to interview them. I learned a lot about the club with only a
matter of 4 questions and these are the things we talked about.

For starters, Who had the idea to start this club?
“It’s actually been an organization for a few years now, but the last couple years we haven’t
been able to do much because of covid. And our students of color need representation here at

I like how Century focused not only on one group of people but a variety of groups of
different races. They make everyone feel welcomed!

How many club advisors are there? And do you guys take turns running the meetings?
“Pretty much both, We all help coordinate events or we’ll take turns. There are three club
advisors Mrs. Land, Baca, and myself. We all work together and a few years ago we took the
kids to a Blazers game. It was a lot of fun, and we even had some kids who went to an event in
Seattle for public speakers. As of now we are working on being able to go to PSU and talking to
a few people.”

Learning more about BSU was really cool and hopefully more people consider
joining within this year or the next.

There is always a reason we stick to things and why we love them and I think that’s because
that’s our favorite thing, So what’s Mr. Wright’s favorite thing about BSU?
“Being a white male gives me a lot of perspective on our students of color. It’s a really cool
organization at Century and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

author: Emily NavaCaderon

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  1. Thanks for finally talking about > BSU < Loved it!

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