The Century band and colorguard have all together practices twice a week for 3-4 hours. Every section has extra practices called sectionals which add an extra hour or more.

On Saturdays they have all-day practices from 10am-6pm with an hour break in the middle for dinner/lunch. The schedule is constantly changing and they are always adding on more hours so we can get as much done as possible.

With constant practicing, it can get really stressful and time-consuming for band and colorguard kids. They have an hour and a half after school to eat, do homework, and get ready for practice.

Most band kids don’t even go home and they stay in the band room and get work done or have sectionals till practice starts. This means that they get to school at 8:30 and don’t get home till around 9:30-10pm. They move so fast during practice and get so much done every time so if you miss one practice, you’re super behind and have to put even more time outside of practice to get caught up.

The band and colorguard puts in so much work for months just to create an 8 minute performance. Everybody makes fun of band kids and colorguard, but if you put those people in band kids shoes, they couldn’t do it. It’s really hard work and they don’t get enough credit for what they do.

author: Shelby Knudsen

One thought on “Marching Band and Their Crazy Hours

  1. This article provides a good insight into the world of Band and Color Guard kids at Century High School. They have to have tremendous commitment and are very hard working. They deserve great respect which is hard to come by with those not in the band/color guard programs.

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