How much work gets put into a club?
Clubs aren’t quick and easy, you need something people will think is interesting and makes
them want to join and tell their friends. So first they have to brainstorm ideas like we do.
When you create a club you need a supervisor for that club and you’d need to find a teacher
willing and excited about your creation coming to life.
My sister, Karen Nava, runs a club with one of her friends, Hannah King. Their supervisor is
Ms.Avery, I think she’s already a good fit for this spot because she’s an ELA teacher. By my sister
being one of the club runners it gives me more insight on how much work she is putting
in, including her friend.
For this club they have a media page and google classroom for information that includes
meeting dates, google forms,and book ideas. During club rush they had a long list of names and
emails and they had to send everyone an email for the first meeting on Tuesday of this week.
They also bring snacks for everybody and ask if anyone has allergies or not.
This isn’t really about having to put in work but club runners have other responsibilities like
sports or jobs but they multitask and I think we should recognize that.

This is the club’s second official year since coming back from last year and from what I heard
more people joined, we all got to introduce ourselves and we had all level grades which was
cool to be a part of, with more seniors than other grades.

Should everyone join a club?
No, not everyone has to but it looks good on college applications from what my avid teacher told
me and it’s a really good way to socialize and communicate with new people. I also think being
involved in school activities is another way to have fun and figure yourself out!

Of course this probably isn’t what most clubs look like but so far this is the only meeting i’ve
attended and It’s hard getting around and talking to other club runners/teachers.
Maybe you can create a club too!

author: Emily NavaCalderon

One thought on “Clubs Are a Lot of Work!

  1. Adam A. says:

    I joined DND club but they didn’t correspond with me on any emails and I had to track them down XD. your club sounds so much better.

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