Interviewee: Elijah Robinson

Owen is interviewing Elijah Robinson with a goal to provide information and promote Century’s Track and Field program.

This interview took place on March 8th, 2023.

Q1: What are the hours/scheduling of track meets and/or training?

A1: “For practice we meet in the main gym at 3:45, and meets are usually on Wednesday. Usually practice ends at 6”. And are training days every day of the week? I asked. “Everyday except weekends”.

Q2: How would you describe your coach(s)?

A2: “I would describe them as positive”. He goes on to explain that “They want you to have fun and push yourself, but at the same time they are strict and don’t want you slacking”. When asked to give an example of this he said that “the long distance coach, Coach Gill. will make you do extra warmups if he doesn’t see you trying.” 

Q3: How would you describe the sporting environment in less than 10 words?

A3: “A encouraging environment with supportive teammates”

Q4: Do you personally think that you’ve gained anything from the track/field experience?

A4: He says that he has gained both a “Better healthy lifestyle”, and a “more positive attitude”, saying that he has “more to gain throughout the season”.

Q5: Finally, would you recommend track to others? Do you have any tips for beginners?

A5: “I would recommend it for others, especially those who want to get fit/healthy”. As for tips, “Just try things out and see what suits you best, and when you do find what you like you can ask teammates/coaches for help”

Author: Owen Friedler

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