While Portland Community college, (PCC) is a popular choice among many, a large number of
people graduating from Century High school seem to gravitate towards the college to pursue
their education.
Why do students choose PCC and why is it such a popular choice among students? While many
factors may play into why Century graduates chose PCC one might be the free tuition for eligible
The “PCC promise” is a program that allows eligible students that have graduated from high
school to take one of PCC’s classes without any tuition, with the requirements also being quite
lenient. You simply must have to have graduated from a private or public high school. This may
play a factor in why Century students choose PCC.
Allowing students to stay in the area they grew up in while also not charging them fees might be
one of the big reasons Century graduates chose PCC and with the average Oregon salary being
sixty-one thousand dollars, it makes the PCC promise all the more enticing.
Another reason seems to lie in PCC’s wide range of academic programs that can be taken for
little to no money. According to PCC’s webpage, 780 of their classes have free books, 76%
of students receive financial aid each year, and around 2,600 students are able to attend PCC for
free through the Oregon promise plan.
The cost of going to PCC is much more affordable compared to Private colleges. PCC is also
much more accessible then other colleges that require evaluations and harsher requirements.

author: Benjamin Stone

PCC’s Webpage: https://www.pcc.edu/

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