Throughout all semester one I went around and interviewed many for their electives. Because semester one is ending soon and many are wanting schedule changes, let me share some fun elective choices you can consider taking for semester two!


A student who takes aerospace describes the class as “A collaborative and relaxing place that I hope more people sign up and experience it.”

Aerospace is a class about aerospace and aviation. Aerospace is the study of aviation outside the earth’s atmosphere and aviation is usually inside the earth’s atmosphere. 

“We learn the basics of safety when piloting and the varieties of aviation within Earth’s atmosphere. Most of the time we learn about aviation within the earth’s atmosphere instead of aerospace which is odd considering the name of the class is aerospace.” 

They also learn about the history of aviation such as the inspirations, founding fathers, and mythologies. One of the most important things they’ve learned is that war drives aviation to new heights and surpasses previous limits. Without war, aviation wouldn’t have made it this far. “

“So far aerospace is a pretty cool class it can get really boring on some days but it’s rewarding with lots of free time for those who don’t like to do anything. It’s nearly a 3-hour class but the teacher lets us have broken so our butts don’t hurt from sitting that long.”

 They would recommend this class to those who want a career in aviation. 

Culinary Arts:

I started the interview full of curiosity about what it would be like to take culinary. I never showed any interest in the art of cooking but considering how things work after learning in this interview, I might want to make some cupcakes when I finish this assignment. 

“What are you currently doing in Culinary Arts?” 

“In Culinary Arts, we are currently preparing for our new labs which are yeast rolls. We will be split into groups such as team red and team blue.”

“How do the teams work?”

“Team red is first in the kitchen while team blue waits in the class. We do it so it’s not so crowded in the kitchen.”

“Would you consider it a hobby or would you want to pursue it as a career”

“It would depend on what I choose. I would consider it both because I enjoy trying new things, and it helps me ease my stress. I would love to pursue it as a career! A reason to pursue it would be how much I can learn and how much more and how many more creations I can make. Another reason I would love to is that I can work for something I enjoy doing!” 

My guest was really passionate about cooking, maybe your passion can be culinary too!

“Do you have the freedom to cook whatever you want or do you have to stick to the recipe? Do you like that routine?”

“We don’t have the freedom to cook whatever we want but we do get a recipe and we stick to it. A few times we may get to choose what such as our muffin lab some of us get to either bake chocolate chip muffins or pumpkin muffins! I don’t mind the routine because either way, I tend to learn more about what I am cooking!”

Not only do they learn how to cook but they also learn how to sanitize their station properly. What a life skill. Unfortunately, they were too busy to answer any more questions and I couldn’t find anyone else I knew in culinary so I had to cut it short but, no matter if you’re skilled in cooking or barely know how to cook like me, we all share one thing in common. We all eat so we shouldn’t feel bad if we think you have limited skills or if you’re struggling with a recipe. I think we should all sit down and enjoy a good cookie from time to time. I believe eating is a good reminder that you’re human and you deserve the nutrients you need. Hooray for culinary arts!


“How do you feel about photography?”

“It’s a fun class. Ive been wanting to do it since last summer.  I would take my mom’s camera and go to the zoo to take pictures.”

“Would you consider it a hobby or are you wanting to pursue it as a career?”

“I like it as a hobby”

 “What are you learning right now?”

”We learned how to change shutter speeds and we’re learning how to capture motion in pictures using kid toys that spin or just move in general.”

“How do you feel about photography?”

“It’s an interesting way to capture art. I like it”

“How long have you been doing photography?”

“I picked it up when school started because I thought it would be an interesting hobby to learn.”

”Are you assigned to where you have to take photos? Like to take pictures at school events?”

“Not right now. We’re learning about the basics at this moment but, as you go on and want to take photography seriously, you can intern and take pictures at events.”

“Are you hoping to make a career out of it?”

“I only picked it up to see if I enjoyed it but I don’t see myself pursuing it as a job.”

“How do you feel about photography?”

“I love it!”

“Would you make it a job you’d like to pursue later?”

“Not really, I’d like to know the basics now so later I can use the information I learned to take good pictures.”

“What would you like to capture in your picture? If someone were to see it, what would you wanna make them feel?”

“I think I just try to capture the best moment at that moment. Like where it all comes together. If something is spinning, I wanna get it at its fastest speed. If someone flips their hair, I get it when they look the most gorgeous/handsome.”

“Anything you wanna tell people who are interested in photography?”

 “Just do it, it’s fun, and it’s not hard. It’s nice to just be models with your friends.”

Many students may be in there to start a career, just to have fun with their hobby, or just start a new path they may want to take. No matter what, they’re just having fun.

By: Viarel Pasillas Arellano

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