The JagWire is the official student newspaper of Century High School, and has been since 1997. The JagWire works closely with our JagTV team to broadcast the latest news from Century High School and our community.

        The JagWire is the best place to get a students perspective on the news stories that matter. If something is happening at Century, the JagWire is covering it. Articles from The JagWire are written by the JagWire staff; students enrolled in the JagMedia class.

        The JagWire staff consists of:

      • Lauren Alvarado,
      • Alexander Andal
      • Megan Corbin
      • Dania Fuentes Moreno
      • Mason Glover
      • Viviana Interian
      • Angelina Khaut
      • Nathan Lay
      • Kaylie Patridge
      • Rosana Vargas Lopez
      • Sam Wescott

       We believe that students have the right to report on and editorialize about controversial and crucial events in the school, community, nation, and world. They also have the responsibility to report accurately and fairly. The JagWire upholds the right of students to exercise the freedom of expression guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, and the Oregon State Constitution.