In late September, staff and students received the terrible news that our principal, Mrs. Guise, would be taking a break from her responsibilities due to health. Century High School as a whole was devastated and also left us in a confusing place during the school year. Not long after, we began receiving emails from Mr. Will, our support principal. 

As support principal, Mr. Will carries many responsibilities and took charge of a whole school. He stated, “My title is support principal.  This means I’m assisting the admin team as we all navigate CDL.  I’m responsible for overseeing athletics/activities, counseling, and science departments, working with CHS Boosters, and supporting all related decisions around CDL and the return to in-person learning.  Thankfully, the admin team of Mrs. Kasper, Mrs. Modolo, and Mr. Corwin are incredible administrators and people, so the transition of support has been manageable for all.”

While his responsibilities here at Century will only be temporary, Mr. Will has goals for us as a community. “Since I’m the support principal and Ms. Guise is scheduled to return in late January, my goal is to support all the excellent work already taking place at CHS.” Because of the short time he has here, he hopes to focus more on maintaining the good things we already have instead of implementing changes. 

Briann Heatherington, Junior class president spoke on the change at Century. “It’s a scary time for our principal, and I’m glad we have Mr. Will to come in and help us when we need it. He was our principal throughout middle school and he was always very helpful with anything.” Although a temporary change, “It puts a lot of us at ease knowing we have help and Mrs. Guise does not have stress on her.” 

Times like these are hard for everyone, as a school community, we thankfully have a great support principal to help direct us during all of this. Mr. Will shared, “Honestly, all of us just need to hang in there this year and really support one another as we all navigate these challenging times.  My mantra has been for all of us to show grace, kindness, and have a growth mindset.  Together we are stronger!”

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