When you start to think about Elections that are so important in life. Well, it is because it is part of The United States and the System to know that once kids learn about the elections in school they will know about their own decisions what to pick and being confident of their own choices that they pick when voting. “It’s important for students to know who makes decisions in our democracy and what the issues are. The students would stand on certain issues and why and then if the views align with the candidate or not.” Said Mr. Thomas.

 But later on when they get older to know about the elections at the age of 18 they would understand it and be eligible to vote and the elections are important to Adults because you are a Citizen that would understand about the politics and the voting that is your responsibility of Voting but you would think that you would want to skip the voting. That isn’t really important. But you would understand that if you get involved in the politics and the voting in the future you would understand more about it and it can be your choice of Voting or not. Like these kind of Examples:

  • Does Voting help America? Yes, because it’s great that you vote and help out the community that made you have the right to vote of your own choices. 
  • Are Elections important to the Kids to know about? Yes, because once they grow up understanding about the Benefits of Voting and it will be great for them to know about Politics. 
  • Do we have to know about the Government news? Yes, because we would have to listen to the news from the government that has new ideas, warnings or any plans that are upcoming for the people to know about.
  • Is it really important to discuss elections to friends and family? Yes, because friends and family would like to know about elections and they would understand about it to what becomes capable of them.

Now we understand that the Kids and the Adults would have to know about the Politics, The Voting, Community, friends and families that is a part of being a Citizen to our Responsibility, Decisions, and Choices what you pick to choose that makes you feel great about your country where you live, having freedom, participant in the democracy and not let anyone judge what you did and have hope what to believe in. “It’s a privilege to vote in this country, love our country, and the freedoms we have. Also acknowledge the long battle of some groups that were able to vote. That should be taken lightly or overlooked. Being an active participant in our democracy begins with voting.” Said Mr. Thomas.

But you have the Right as a U.S. citizen what to do that makes you confident.

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