When you think about your kids and the teachers wondering when they are going back to school in person to get back into learning, it could  happen at some point that Vaccines is in progress for this year to stop the virus and not let it spread any further to the people. 

“Vaccines becoming available next year, and covid and online learning distancing will be on going still until students and teachers are being vaccinated to be able to go back to school.” Said Mr. Wright.

If we are going to have school for next year then we would have to prepare ourselves for the in-person learning and know that we still have to wear masks for our protection against the virus and not get it. So at the point of Students and Teachers that are able to come back to school that would feel better. But if not a lot of students would feel not well then they would have to stay home and stick with online learning still until they feel better to come back to school.But when you think of the change that is going on around schools, it can highly change the education system of doing online learning instead of in-person learning but there is still a chance that in-person learning can happen. Questions and concerns arise, for example,

  • What can school be like for next year? We would still be doing online learning instead of in-person learning. But there is a possibility that we could go back to school.
  • Would online learning change the education system? Yes, it would because if we are not able to go back to school learning in person that would change into doing online learning for all students in 2020 – 2021.
  • In case we are going back to school we would have to be sanitized to be always clean like wearing masks, using sanitizers to bring to school and maybe new rules that are related to covid.
  • When would we come back to school? Never know when until the School district announces the news when to come back to school. But the news can be updated when we are able to.

 Staying home is important because you are able to still continue doing online school work that is provided by your teachers. “Students and teachers would have to still work at home and it can be a possibility to do online learning that can change the system of education. But for teachers, they can return to classrooms next fall.”

 But not in-person so you would have to understand that continuing online learning is like a thing for students to know of and get used to it until the covid stops and people being vaccinated that is back to normal to not wearing masks that is hard to breath and people and kids being able to go back to school to do their own work normally that is normal for themselves.

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