by Kevin Dunkel

I guarantee that many of us have found some new music throughout quarantine, as for me I went back to some of my favorite gems and found some new stuff to sink my teeth into. For example, I have been hesitant before to listen to video game soundtracks but this year i really pushed into them and found out my love for drum and bass soundtracks, such as wipeout, slave zero, and unreal tournament. 

I feel that most obviously the way that we have been moving musically or in any facet is to digital everything, no longer now are the days of going to the record store, though those days will come back I guarantee many people have become enamored with the instant gratification of things such as spotify, netflix and other things of that sort. As for me I have distanced myself from wanting to constantly go to portland and drop by 2nd avenue records for a band shirt or a record. The largest reason being because of the virus.

Nowadays there have been many ways to be closer to the artists we love. For example I have spoken to more artists this year than I have any year because of the fact that everyone is on their phone because often we have nothing better to do.

So what does this mean in the long run? I think that in the future we will see more artists than ever rise up and for it to me normal to listen to a multitude of artists, as many people have discovered their passion for music and/or counterculture

I also find that a lot of bands have been reuniting because of quarantine, which is great! As it is probably one of the best times to be an artist.

In conclusion I think that quarantine was great for music from an artist and listeners standpoint, although I do wish we could be going to shows now! But as the uncertainty is clearing up we can have a better chance of gauging and understanding how long covid will last

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