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Thanksgiving Baskets

Thanksgiving Baskets

The Thanksgiving basket is a tradition at Century that staff and students participate every year. Mr Thomas, a teacher at Century has been in charge of this and coordinates it all.

Century works with the Salvation Army in Hillsboro to provide for families in need during the holiday season. This tradition allows students and our community to help out!

 I asked Mr. Thomas what was the process of Thanksgiving baskets and he said ”Different groups from the Century family volunteer to provide these baskets for the families through the Salvation Army, which we deliver the night before Thanksgiving.”

This year we have 27 families we are contributing to and 23 different groups that are providing for them.  Last year was Mr. Thomas’s first year and in his experience, “ I was blown away at the generosity and heart of Century for this event.” 

“The opportunity to help families in need within our community is near and dear to my heart and a huge part of what Century is all about.”  Even though the families don’t go to Century, they do live in Hillsboro, making them apart of our community.

I asked a student who participates in the Thanksgiving baskets, Briann Heatherington, a sophomore at Century High school. I asked how her experience is with the Thanksgiving baskets. Her response was “It’s a really good experience for students to give back to their community and how we’re able to provide Thanksgiving meals for families in need.” 

When asked how it feels to participate in Thanksgiving baskets, she said “It’s exciting that we are having such a huge impact for people. Being able to help them with what they need, it’s a good feeling knowing that we are able to give back and that the families are thankful for this experience as well.”   

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