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Freshman Feels

Freshman Feels

Going into a new school or new environment can always be nerve-wracking, especially one you’re going to be spending 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Lots of things could be going through the minds of the students. 

High school overall, is an entirely different beast from middle school, or so it’s often said.  Regardless, opinions on entering high school tend to vary a little, as well as change as the student progresses through the years. Many feel overwhelmed at first, but notice that it’s all pretty easy, and not as they imagined. 

Most middle schoolers often say that the events are “boring” or a “waste of time”and their opinions vastly changed when entering high school. 

An argument could be made saying that in middle school you feel closer and more connected with your friends because of the smaller school and fewer classes. But conversely, high school also offers more of an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Especially with the larger amount of students and courses, you’re just bound to find someone you can relate to. 

Well then, what is it? What makes your last 4 years of schooling so largely different than the rest? 

My very own mother even said herself that she really wishes she could go back to her highschool days. And many refer to high school as being their golden days.

Well, there are many different answers, and it varies. 

What do newcomers at our very own Century High School think about this whole high school thing? And do they enjoy it?

“When I first was coming into highschool, my initial thought process was that the workload was gonna be massive. And I would struggle to keep up with my classes. Not to mention that being around so many upperclassmen, and other people was something to think about. I found out that I actually enjoy highschool a whole lot more than middle school. You have more freedom, and the classes switch every day so you don’t get bored.” said Harrison Oddo, a freshman at century. 

A lot of students appear to feel the same way and worry about similar things. Such as upperclassmen, harder schoolwork. Although it also appears that most of these expectations or worries were just not true.

“If there’s one word of advice I have for incoming freshmen, it’s: Don’t be stupid, and you’ll survive.”  -Niko Gring ,15 yrs

Like many, Niko was also worried about what most newbies were coming into high school. Seniors, and Juniors, and schoolwork. But also like many, he soon realized that one, he wasn’t given trouble, and two that he actually didn’t struggle with his classes. Niko had also had sports to look forward to going into high school, which is something he enjoys and believes made high school even better for him.  

So all in all, the majority of newcomers felt excited, for the change, and new opportunities, but also nervous or scared about the transition. Mainly losing their freetime and the harder courses. But just about everybody realized that high school really isn’t bad at all, and is in fact, a step up from middle school. If there’s any advice I could give to an incoming freshman, it has to be,

Pay attention and keep up with your classes, they are only difficult when playing catch up.  Join sports or clubs, they aren’t a waste of time and you might have fun. And finally, don’t be opposed to making new friends, set time to spend time with them.

  Don’t stress, enjoy your last 4 years of school. You’re gonna be wishing for them back real soon..

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