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Letter From an Upperclassman

Letter From an Upperclassman

 Dear Underclassman,

        Starting as a freshman walking in wide eyed to Century I had many of the same fears that you do. Starting high school is no easy feat. Worried about who your friends will be, what teachers you will have, and the scary upperclassmen. And even if you’re a sophomore, these things can still be worrisome.

        Juniors and seniors have been through this before so here are some tips for you to survive the first two gruesome years here at Century.

        Firstly, don’t stand in the middle of the hallway talking to your friends. It seems like a trend for underclassmen to make unnecessary stops throughout the halls. It’s super inconvenient  when i’m trying to go from upstairs south to downstairs north in 4 minutes and you’re in the middle of central talking to your best friend about the game on friday.

        Walking at a moderate pace is also something crucial as to not annoy upperclassmen.

        On the other side of things, underclassmen are the future of Century and as upperclassmen instead of criticism we should be supportive and understand that we were once in their shoes.

        Junior, Jessica Jose Nickerson sympathizes with freshmen and sophomores and feels like upperclassmen are quick to judge. “Some underclassman are actually kind and are just trying to understand Century and even though some underclassmen rub me the wrong way, I feel that juniors and seniors are being too harsh.”

        It’s hard being a freshman or sophomore but finding a good group of friends makes it much easier.

        Even though your friend group gets smaller and smaller every year, it’s always good to have close friends. “I switched around my friend group since freshman year. It naturally happens. ” says Junior Darrius Hudson.

        Overall my advice to survive your underclassman years is to just have fun but be respectful of the environment and people around you.

Junior, Mercedes Ferris

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