Century has gained some new staff for the 2018-19 school year! With a whacking 29 new staff members, Century hired triple the amount of staff members (as compared to the 2017-18 school year). This year we now have more Life Skills and Activities teachers. We now have 13 more classified teachers and 16 more licensed teachers. With that we also gained a few people in the office, a Freshman Dean of Students, and a Sophomore Counselor.

        We have three new ELA teachers, one Math teacher, two Social Studies, one Health teacher, one Security Guard, five Elective teachers, two Administration, one Graduation Coach, one SLP teacher, one ELL teacher, one SLC teacher, and 13 Life Skills and Special Education teachers. We also had one staff member change position. Justine Green, a former math tutor, became the new Freshman Graduation Coach. She will now be helping the class of 2022 graduate. With all the new teachers in the building, this year should be one of the most successful and fun years we have ever had!

        One of the new staff members that I interviewed was Ms. Passmore, a new nursery teacher. Passmore said, “The first month has gone very good and flew by, but I’m enjoying working in the Nursery and getting to know the teen moms and their babies. The office staff and custodians have been super helpful with answering  my questions that fit in the category of ‘there are no stupid questions’. Although, next year it would be cool to give the new staff members some Century gear so they can represent on Friday’s.”

        Ms. Avery, a new ELA Freshman block teacher is currently co-teaching with Mr.Mcmenomy, stated that she loves it at Century High. “The students and staff are great. They have really helped me get into the routine of Century High School and helped me understand how to teach at Century. I am really enjoying my experience at Century High School and don’t really think I will be changing anything next year!” Ms. Avery also added that she loves talking to everyone around the school, but has enjoyed getting close with Mr.Wright, Ms. Land, Ms. Grey, Mr. Mcmenomy, and Mr. Hawk.

        With all the new staff, this month and a half has been great. They are welcoming the students as much as returning students are welcoming them! As the new school year continues, it will be exciting to see what changes and improvements the new staff can make on the school, and how much the school changes. I also interviewed many other new staff members and their view on the school year so far. If you would like to read those they will listed down below!

Interviews with Mr. Thomas (Leadership and Social Studies Teacher) and Ms. Green (Freshman Graduation Coach).

Question #1: How has it been so far? Are you enjoying your position?

Mr. Thomas: I love being at Century and the job I do here!

Ms. Green: So far this year has been great. I love my new position!

Question #2: How has the other staff helped you out this past month?

Mr. Thomas: Everyone has been more than willing to share ideas and to help me out.

Ms. Green: Staff has been so welcoming. Anytime I have a question about something I know I can ask anybody for help.

Question #3: Is there something you would like to work on or do different in the coming years?

Mr. Thomas: I want to get more students involved in something that is on campus.

Ms. Green:  I think next year I will have a smoother start because I’ll know where to begin. I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot this year.

Question #4: Is there any cool coworkers that you enjoy talking to?

Mr. Thomas: Mr. Kaiser is a stud, Mr. Trosclair is very nice, and Bohm is alright!

Ms. Green:All the staff is pretty cool! I’m comfortable talking to any of them which is a great feeling!

Question #5: Is there anything else you would like to share about being a new staff to me?

Ms. Green: The best part is getting to know all the new students and staff!

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