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A Quiet Place Review

A Quiet Place Review
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        The horror film “A Quiet Place” was released on Friday, April 6th and people have been dying to get to the the theater ever since.

        “A Quiet Place” revolves around the Abbott family; survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The idea is that there are creatures that hunt humans and are alerted by sound. They’re blind, yet their hearing is incredibly strong.

        The survival goal is simple; do not make a sound.

        The family has to make adaptations in order to survive under these conditions. When they eat, they don’t use plates or silverware- they eat off of lettuce leaves. When they play board games, they use pieces of fabric as placeholders.

        They can’t even wear shoes, as they makes too much noise.

        Throughout the movie they communicate in sign language, although there are still many scenes where they speak.

        “A Quiet Place” was certainly worth all of the anticipation it received. Everyone in the theater was silent and intrigued with the movie. You could hear a pin drop. It was suspenseful and every scene was full of excitement.

        “It wasn’t like a regular horror movie that you usually see playing in the theater. The plot was a lot more interesting and original.” Dang Tran, a Century High School freshman, stated.

        When asked if he would like to see a sequel to the film, he excitedly nodded towards yes.

        I would be cautious while reading the rest of this article as it contains spoilers.

        Evelyn, the mother in the film, is a very strong female lead, which was a great antidote to the movie. Despite being put through extreme emotional situations, she stays strong throughout the film.

        As if the burden of needing to protect herself, her family, and her home in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t hard enough, Evelyn goes through it all while being pregnant.

        A scene that was especially intriguing and effective in showing her strength is when her water breaks. The creatures are wandering her home while she struggles to alarm her husband. She manages to stay completely silent and goes into labor all alone in a bathtub. The creatures are right outside of the room.

        Another scene that shows Evelyn’s strength is towards the end. She is forced to be independent and brave and fights off the creatures with her children.

        Overall, I highly recommend seeing “A Quiet Place.” That’s if you haven’t already. It’s captivating and you won’t want to stop watching. You won’t regret seeing it.

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