Month: May 2018

Jagapalooza Food Trucks

Jagapalooza Food Trucks

        This year Jagapalooza is being held on Friday, May 25th. The carnival begins at one in the afternoon and ends when school gets out. The bell schedule will be heavily altered, making room for the two and a half hour celebration. […]

Athlete Competition Limits

Athlete Competition Limits

By   Tau Tofaeono

  All high school athletics have a limitation on competition time, though each sport is different. Limitations can a good thing, that way we don’t varsity players playing in a JV game and then playing for varsity. Though, some sports should have their limitations altered.

       For baseball, a pitcher can not pitch more than 110 pitches a day. If the pitcher meets 110 pitches and there is a batter, the pitcher may finish the batter.

        For softball, a player can only play seven innings a day.

        In basketball and football, players can play five quarters a week. The only exception is if they are in the 1a-4a classification.

        “I think they should keep the limitations but they should bounce the limitations amount up, for example football should be six- eight quarters instead of five,” stated Century High School Freshman, Cayson Hammer.

        Furthermore, soccer players can only play one game a day.

        Tennis players can play three sets a day. A one day tournament counts as one match and two day tournaments count as two matches.

        Track is a little more complicated.

        Track runners can only compete in 12 meets a season. This is the same for cross country and swimming. This does not include varsity districts and state. Additionally, though, a track runner only run two distance events. Distance events include the 800, 1500, and the 3000.

        In volleyball, you are only allowed to play one match and one set a day. You can only play in 12 set games, excluding district and state.

        Guy wrestlers cannot participate in more than 14 events, 18 weigh-ins, or 50 mat appearances. Again, this excludes the varsity special district tournament and state championships. There is a five match-a-day limit.

         In golf, a student shall not compete in more than 20 nine-hole rounds, excluding varsity districts and state.

        “I think there shouldn’t be any limitations on playing time because they are restricting my right to play,” stated Century High School Junior, Loudyn Reese.

        Additionally, Century High School Sophomore Ernesto Alvarez stated,“ If you are healthy enough to do more than the limitations, you should be able to play more. If you are varsity player you should be able to play at least six quarters.”

        What is your take on player limitations?

Drug Use in High School

Drug Use in High School

        It’s a tale as old as time, teens and drug usage. You see it everywhere in movies and TV shows, but is it affecting us locally? If so, then how? Is Hillsboro under the influence? Maybe even Century High School itself. […]



By Pedro Cruz Flores         On September 6, 2016, a show aired. It was praised and was eventually nominated for a couple of Emmys. It was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, and won Outstanding Lead in Comedy […]

A Quiet Place Review

A Quiet Place Review

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        The horror film “A Quiet Place” was released on Friday, April 6th and people have been dying to get to the the theater ever since.

        “A Quiet Place” revolves around the Abbott family; survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The idea is that there are creatures that hunt humans and are alerted by sound. They’re blind, yet their hearing is incredibly strong.

        The survival goal is simple; do not make a sound.

        The family has to make adaptations in order to survive under these conditions. When they eat, they don’t use plates or silverware- they eat off of lettuce leaves. When they play board games, they use pieces of fabric as placeholders.

        They can’t even wear shoes, as they makes too much noise.

        Throughout the movie they communicate in sign language, although there are still many scenes where they speak.

        “A Quiet Place” was certainly worth all of the anticipation it received. Everyone in the theater was silent and intrigued with the movie. You could hear a pin drop. It was suspenseful and every scene was full of excitement.

        “It wasn’t like a regular horror movie that you usually see playing in the theater. The plot was a lot more interesting and original.” Dang Tran, a Century High School freshman, stated.

        When asked if he would like to see a sequel to the film, he excitedly nodded towards yes.

        I would be cautious while reading the rest of this article as it contains spoilers.

        Evelyn, the mother in the film, is a very strong female lead, which was a great antidote to the movie. Despite being put through extreme emotional situations, she stays strong throughout the film.

        As if the burden of needing to protect herself, her family, and her home in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t hard enough, Evelyn goes through it all while being pregnant.

        A scene that was especially intriguing and effective in showing her strength is when her water breaks. The creatures are wandering her home while she struggles to alarm her husband. She manages to stay completely silent and goes into labor all alone in a bathtub. The creatures are right outside of the room.

        Another scene that shows Evelyn’s strength is towards the end. She is forced to be independent and brave and fights off the creatures with her children.

        Overall, I highly recommend seeing “A Quiet Place.” That’s if you haven’t already. It’s captivating and you won’t want to stop watching. You won’t regret seeing it.

The Pacific Conference

The Pacific Conference

        OSAA, the Oregon School Activities Association, classifies Century High School as a 6A-2 school. This classification is based off of our student population. The 6A-2 classification puts us in the Metro League, which we have been a part of for four […]

AP Study Sessions

AP Study Sessions

        With AP exams just around the corner, review is in full swing. Students are walking through the halls with panicked looks on their faces, study guides in their arms. Everyone taking an AP class is working hard to get the best […]