Month: January 2018

Apple Controversy

Apple Controversy

    By Lorenzo Tassarini         Apple has some questionable decisions recently and a lot people are upset, so what exactly did they do?         First of all let’s distinguish silver from aluminum. There is a ton of false information […]

Winter Guard

Winter Guard

By Amaya Parsons

       Color Guard is a unique combination of dance, theatrics, and hand-eye coordination. Flawless dance technique, pointed toes, straight knees, turned out feet, and the ability to manipulate equipment such as flags, rifles, and sabers, is expected. The performance must be in perfect unison with the fellow performers, all the while entertaining an audience, playing a character, and telling a story.

        Color Guard is both precise and artistic.

        Every count, more precisely every half-count, has a specific place. Every release, every rotation, every catch, and every arm motion has subdivided counts, every leap is precisely coordinated. Even the breaths are choreographed; written into the show to compliment specific movements. Even with all this precision, Color Guard is still incredibly expressive.

        Color Guard requires blood sweat and tears. As a team they work through their pain to see their goals clearly. They work through their pain to bring each other success. And in the end Color Guard is a sport.

        The performers within the group form an incredible bond. They go through hell together, well camp weekends. They are exhausted and sweaty, their muscles ache every time they move, and their knees are bruised black and blue. They go through days where they just can’t get it right, and it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

        And then they perform together.

        They say there is no feeling comparable than that of the arena going crazy because your flag feature was perfectly timed. Getting to play a character and perform to an audience is one of the most rewarding, incredible feelings.

        In Color Guard, they don’t just perform for yourself: they perform for their guard.

        A lot of people don’t understand why I chose to to do Color Guard. People look at it as being a place where we twirl flags, occasionally dance, and toss things in the air. In a way they are right, but in every way they are wrong.  

        This is why.

        I want to make it easier to understand. Do you recall the feeling when someone tosses you something from across the room, and you catch it with one hand, or when your phone falls out of your hand and you somehow manage to catch it before it falls to certain peril? Do you recall the feeling when everyone in the room stops what they’re doing and is like “Hey, nice catch!” and you feel like an epic ninja wizard?

        That’s like Color Guard.

        The experiences I have gained from Color Guard could not have sculpted me into a better person. I’ve learned strength, passion, and energy.

        Color Guard will bring out your ugly side, but no matter what no one will judge you because everyone wants what you want; to succeed.

Spring Break Needs to Come Faster

Spring Break Needs to Come Faster

        After being in school for three weeks, a lot of students are beginning to miss winter break. The last day of school before winter break was the 15th of December, and students returned to school on January 2nd.       […]



By Brianna Loza        Why is everyone getting sick? Is it flu season?         According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the flu is, “a contagious respiratory illness caused by viruses that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs.” […]

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

Photo Credit: Daily Express

        Thor is quite well-known to Marvel and Norse Mythology fans. He is played by Chris Hemsworth in the Thor movies. Hemsworth has been in many other films, but is mostly known for playing the God of Thunder. The trilogy, so far, has two movies.

        On November 3, 2017, the third and final movie to a trilogy was released: Thor: Ragnarok.

        Now, is it better than the first two? “It was kind of like a soft reboot of the character,” described Hemsworth.

        Thor: Ragnarok completely redefined the Thor franchise, and exceeded the other two movies. It definitely had a different tone than previous Thor movies, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good being it is a good, enjoyable film that you can leave the theater with a smile.

        Though, the intense moments didn’t make you feel anything, you didn’t feel for the characters.

        Century High School Senior, Jetli tan stated, “It was funny. It was a funny movie.”

        Overall, Thor Ragnarok is a fun film for the family and you should give it a watch.

The Wage Gap

The Wage Gap

By Kayla Bunnell        Over the years the wage gap has gotten smaller in the United States, but it remains an issue. Recently, Iceland changed their country’s policies to ensure a men and women are being paid equally for in every job.That solidifies equal […]